• Artist & Talent Development

• Automation Integrations

• Business Plan Development

• Content Planning

• Contract Reviews

• Event Consultant

• Executive Producer

• Live Performance Producer

• Online & Retail Distribution

• PR & Public Relations

• Photography & Videographers

• Press Kits & EPKs

• Project & Product Management

• Placements & Licensing

• Songs & Composition - A&R

• Sponsorship Planning

• Television Production

Your Pirivacy is Respected

OK. I don't get it. What do you do again? - What's in it for me?
Great Question. We find great talent, then focus their career launch into a full-throttle project. What can we do for you? Absolutely nothing ... unless you feel that you have exercised every option, heard every false promise, cannot waste another second, and now, are honestly ready and willing to make a profound change in how you approach your craft.
What kind of artists, musicians and creatives do you work with?
Grammy® award-winning celebrity artists, creative boutique labels, soloists, duos, bands, creative ensembles, innovative developers and emerging new talent that is awaiting discovery. We've had projects in dance, urban, country and contemporary genres. We've also worked with labels, gallerys and publishers. We are not an agency or production company. We consult in all areas of music, media and entertainment product design and marketing.
I don't want to give any of my rights away. Can you help me?
Yes. The music and entertainment business is changing rapidly with more opportunity for the independent Artist. Our passion is to ensure that ownership of the intellectual property, publishing, identity and name & likeness remain in control of the Creator/Author. We have extensive experience doing so.
I know I have a hit. Can you help me promote it?
Yes. Our team has been specifically markeitng and promoting people and products in the entertainment and media industry for some time. If there is one thing we've learned, it is that a Hit is not a Hit until everybody knows about it. The promotional landscape changes but the objective remains the same. Contact us so that we can get to know what you've created and the options you may approve of.
We don't have a big budget. Can you help?
Yes. We have good experience helping talent define their voice. Entertianment does not happen in a vacuum, but as we all know, great talent demands attention and that creates opportunity. If you have magical talent, passion and commitment to your career and your vision, let's talk. We have proven techniques that may help you get on track.

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